Write Your Memoir

Have you ever thought that you might want to leave your life experiences and memories for those who'll come after you? 


If you’re anything like me, your mind is stuffed with memories. Your first day at school, perhaps, or your first proper romance, your university years, your wedding day, moving house, or the births of children.

You might think that this is all pretty mundane stuff and not at all what you’d want to write about to pass on to grand-children and beyond. No-one can possibly be interested in that stuff – can they?

Actually, yes, they can – and they often are. Where were you, for example, on the day of the first manned lunar landing, when the Cuban missile crisis erupted, when Kennedy was shot, when the Berlin wall came down or when we learned that we'd voted to exit the European Union? What was happening, in your life, on those days? What you were thinking and how you responded can tell a powerful tale and add fascinating comment to social history for future generations.

Recalling events like these opens up our memories just as effectively as getting out the family photo album where our infancy, school days and adulthood comes to life. What you talked about with others and how local and world events impacted on your consciousness, all helped to make you what you are. This is what will interest your grandchildren and future social historians.


If you've been involved in any momentous events then you have even more to say.

Many people say that they’d like to write down the story of their life but few actually do it. Consequently, their lives, and the social history that surrounded them, and made them what they were, are lost.

As a writer and author, the power of words has always fascinated me. Words spread knowledge, they can warm or wound, bring joy or despair, make prayers, make love, collapse miles. Spoken words are, however, ephemeral when compared with those written down; these have the potential to last for generations and illuminate who we were. They leave a picture of social history that little else can match.

So, if you’re planning to tell your story, and leave a treasure for your children, grand-children and beyond, write it down now, don’t leave it until it’s too late.


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