"(Planning) Your Perfect Wedding" is a comprehensive guide to wedding planning. Filled with inspirational tips, wedding traditions, a few amusing stories of real weddings and last, but not least, the legal aspects every bride and groom needs to know before they begin the fun stuff.

The book has been extensively updated since its first publication under the Hodder and Stoughton "Teach Yourself" imprint, and now includes more information on recent changes in the law and modern etiquette.

Price - £7.99 or £14 for two. Why not buy one for the bride and one for her mother?



Charity Begins" is a novel based on the secret lives of charity shops, which are now a fact of life on our High Streets. Few people know what goes on behind the scenes as paid and volunteer staff keep their shops stocked, their tills rattling and the charity coffers filling.

This story is an affectionate, poignant and humorous tale of the people that run these shops, with all their hopes, fears and foibles. With a strong streak of mayhem and the thread of a love story running through it, this book will appeal to all ages from 10 to 110.

Currently out of print as a paperback, the book can still be obtained as a Ebook via Amazon or directly from the author.

Priced - £6.99 (paperback) or £12 for two copies P&P extra. Please ask if you require a personal dedication.



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Christine is currently in the final stages of writing a new novel - working title 'Above all These', which is the long awaited sequel to 'Charity Begins', and plans to publish soon.  Watch this space.


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